It's always an adventure finding an old discarded piece of furniture and bringing it back to life with a bit of imagination. Incorporating  our attachment to the sea was a natural progression to the hand painted portion of JCI Pottery and Design. Jack is the artist for most of the painted pieces and he is able to capture through his drawings the beauty of the sea and it's creatures.


My love of pottery and the sea go hand in hand. I have always felt a strong connection to the beach and it's beauty. Working with clay has given me the opportunity to express those feelings creatively.

I am relatively new to the world of pottery. I began taking classes at a local studio and was hooked from the very first class. Having the ability to take a mound of clay and transform it into what I want it to be never gets boring.

My pieces are both functional and decorative. Some are thrown on the wheel, hand built, or a combination of both. Most have some kind of ocean influence through form, color or decoration. Each piece comes with a part of me and my hope is that it will bring you lasting enjoyment.